PurePro® Poseidon

The Ultimate Water Filtration Solution from a World-Renowned Brand PurePro USA

PurePro® Poseidon Compact RO System takes water purification to the next level, delivering pure, refreshing alkaline ionized water that is essential for staying hydrated and maintaining optimal health. This intelligent water purification system utilizes advanced filtration technology that goes beyond traditional methods, delivering not only pure water but also essential minerals, balanced pH levels, and increased oxygen content.

The PurePro® Poseidon system utilizes smart far-infrared irradiation technology, which provides Smart Re-Mineralization, Smart Alkalization, and Smart Far-infrared Irradiation process, creating the cleanest and healthiest drinking water available. This unique process not only removes impurities, but it also adds essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium back into the water, which are essential for maintaining overall health.